CEO’s message

Dear Valued Business Partners,

C.E.O. - Vineet Pandey
Dreams can change the world and we have dreamt to disrupt the conventional Urban / Rurban retail through our Grahak Dost Omni channel business model. It is my sheer pleasure welcoming you to this Modern Trade Platform. We are one stop solution catering to the needs of both B2C through our Smart Retail & Assisted e-commerce initiative and B2R (Business to Retail) through our m-distribution network by bringing multiple brands under one umbrella.

Before starting any initiative, it is imperative to identify the needs. We identified the needs of Urban/Rurban consumers & retailers, built our robust business models around those needs, and then brought a team of international practitioners on the board for successful implementation.

Our core strength is implementation of ideas. Our long term strategy is to build modern retail infrastructure for future. We are creating a collaborative eco-system of suppliers, trade partners, Supply Chain experts, and our own Grahak Dosts to serve the Urban/Rurban Grahaks (customers/consumers). Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to medium & small sized retailers and Urban/Rurban consumers.

Our major focus is to help our suppliers in improving their sales through demand pull, increasing their inventory turnover ratio & working capital issues, partnering in logistics, and after sales service at a single platform.

Of course, challenges are there but the practical wisdom of our core team provides us the impetus to make it happen and we will.

Best Wishes,

Vineet Pandey

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