Chairman’s message

Dear Stakeholders,

Chairman - S.S. Alam
It is my pleasure introducing you to our new venture “Grahak Duniya e-mall Pvt. Ltd.” and invite you to be part of this very unique and large dream. We are unfolding a canvas which is going to be very different for India in many ways. It has been arrived at after studying success stories in various countries and focus on what will work for our own country. Our Board members have worked at top management positions in a no of countries and created success stories, which will be our core USP.

We have analyzed the issues of urban/ Rurban retail and the end consumers so as to create focused solutions for various market segments. Our entire business models are built around satisfying shopping basket needs of “Grahaks “(customers / consumers). We like to take pride calling ourselves “Grahak Dost”.

Our major focus is customer/ consumer delight. “Grahak Dosts” will be a new experiment supporting the “Grahaks” in all possible ways to create a new buying experience. Focus will be on satisfying their entire set of needs, and provide guidance /support, In the process creating a set of delighted & loyal consumer base.

We are creating an Omni Channel experience providing numerous platforms satisfying the entire daily & aspirational needs of the Urban/ Rurban Grahaks (not leaving behind a large part of 70% population of the country still untouched by large e-commerce players and FMCG giants). Long term vision is to create a success story within the retail eco-system touching “Bharat” at a deeper level. Interestingly, despite a fairly impressive initial take off of e-commerce activity in the country during the last decade, India does not appear even among the top 30 e-commerce countries in the world. This is because not more than 3% -4% of our population is using this facility. That is where, the role of assisted e-Commerce falls in place.

For the urban retailer, we are trying to ease all pressures of having to deal with a large no of stockists, their margins, and delivery at the doorsteps and payment issues. While doing this we are catering to a very large base of customers with mutually rewarding relationship. This segment would focus on the tier 2/3 towns and focus on urban kind of product basket delivered on JIT basis.

One thing very distinct in our business model is that it is built around profitability & ROI as the main fulcrum apart from long term value creation. There is a promise of delivering results with justice to all stakeholders. Values and Vision will be very strong guiding factors instead of pure verbal statements of good intentions.

If you wish to be part of this exciting journey welcome to join us as a stakeholder in any capacity including suppliers, business partners, human capital, and customers / consumers.

Welcome to be part of this pleasant roller coaster drive.

Best Wishes,

S.S. Alam

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