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Dear Stakeholders,

M.D. - Mehmood Khan
Let me extend my hearty welcome to you to connect with & explore “Grahak Duniya e-Mall Pvt. Ltd”, a unique experiment in many ways for the Indian retail space.

Having worked in many countries for Unilever and having shouldered the responsibility for market creation, brand development, and Innovation as a portfolio for Unilever (worldwide), had a desire to utilize the skills learnt in our own country back home. After all, at some stage you do think of giving back to the society what you have learnt & created success stories which inspire.

Like-minded people is a pre-requisite for doing a brainstorming and creating something out of blue a business model which is good for the country and is also self-sustaining. Fortunately, we gathered such a team together with the best international experts. Pros cons of what works well in different countries with varying consumer behavior is literally the foundation stone to lay for our own venture in India. Insights into RURBAN consumer in India with various diverse tastes, preferences, paying capacity, aspirational products demand and how to create demand pull in this diverse kind of consumer likes/dislikes is a big task for all the suppliers serving in the FMCG/ Retail space. Very few companies including MNCs have mastered this art. This is what differentiates the achievements of various MNCs & Indian conglomerates in terms of their RURBAN/ rural penetration, the market share and customer loyalty.

Today, unless you reach out deeper into the “Bharat” population, there is no way you can attain the market penetration and customer retention which will reward the companies with long term profitability. Based on collective wisdom of over 200 years of experience of our top team into the FMCG/CPG/Retail expertise, we have jointly created business models which have inherent strength for creating success stories in the retail & distribution sector in India with sustained value creation for all stakeholders.

It augers well to think about a large project of this size when all the environmental factors are also in synch. The latest Govt. policies seem to indicate that it is the right time to get into a venture of this kind. Notable interventions of GOI with demonetization favoring payment through digital platforms, Banks launching UPIs, Aadhar linked payments, mobile wallets, simplified taxes through GST are steps which will be supporting any big venture of retail & e-commerce in a big way, particularly the startups who will join this mainstream faster than even the existing players.

All stakeholders are destined to gain from this new venture. Let’s all support this new venture by joining as a stakeholder for mutual gains.

Best of Luck,

Mehmood Khan

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