Stakeholders' Value Add


Value add to suppliers

  • Increased Revenue
  • Higher Market Share & Penetration
  • Improved sales planning through demand pull
  • Increased inventory turnover ratio
  • Improved supply chain efficiency
  • Improved bottom line

Value add to Urban/ Rurban consumers

  • A new kind of shopping experience brought to your doorstep through our “Grahak Dost” outlets.
  • All the product needs, buying process, related issues of payments, delivery, and after sales service solved through one resource called “Grahak Dost”.
  • Access to entire need of daily shopping basket with “better price and availability”
  • Availability of aspirational products through our digital platform /assisted e-commerce.
  • Access to SKUs which are not easily available especially in FMCG sector

Value add to Retailers

  • Access to a single platform to buy brands reducing dependency on various distributors for various brands
  • Better margins
  • Lean inventory- improved inventory turnover ratio
  • Improved Cash flows
  • Improved Logistic/Supply chain support--door step delivery
  • Mobile technology support
  • Improved overall profitability

Value add to Investors

  • Long term “profitable & sustainable business model”
  • Lucrative ROI—“designed for profits”
  • Long term value creation for future valuations
  • Relatively Asset light & better value multiplier possibilities
  • Long term association possibility with senior industry experts from IIT/IIM pedigree with synergistic values & vision for long term value creation for more projects
Grahak Duniya